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Bank Square Books

At this time about a year ago, Hurricane Sandy almost destroyed Bank Square Books in Mystic Connecticut. Thanks to the good will and hard work of the community it serves, the dedication of its staff, and its owners’ passion for books, much of the store’s stock was saved and they were back in business several months later, though it took months more for things to get back to normal. Two nights ago, a year after it was so terribly damaged, the store celebrated the opening (yes, opening!) of its beautiful new space—an extended ground floor annex, and an upstairs space for events, workshops, whatever! I was fortunate enough to be there, with author Jonathan Grimwood, whose novel The Last Banquet occupied pride of place in the new rooms. Bank Square is a great store and its story over the past year is a terrific tale of resilience and bookseller gumption. My congrats and heartfelt thanks to Annie and Patience and the entire staff.

- Michael Reynolds

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